Back Soreness Vs. Back Pain

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Hey! What’s going on? It’s Ian Hart here at, the co-creator of Back Pain Relief4Life program and today what I am going to talk to you about is Back Soreness vs Back Pain.Many people have back pain or back soreness or they are confused about what the issue is. We train a lot of people, we deal with a lot of people with back pain and we see this problem all the time and there is big confusion between what it is. So I am going to tell you the difference between back pain and back soreness.

First off, before we get into back pain we need to know “What is Pain?” and put a definition from wikipedia. It says it is unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. So that means there’s tissue damage, that means that there is actually injury to the muscle or the nerves or the disks or whatever we’re dealing with back pain.

What is Soreness?

Soreness is a tenderness to the touch of the muscle and that is just a short abbreviation but basically when you workout, your body produces lactic acid and kind of trash in muscles or toxins you can say and then the body has a way of repairing that or helping the muscle to adapt and rebuilt back the muscles and the energy systems in the muscle and when it does that, it draws a bunch anti inflammatory properties to the area. So just like if you were get bruised, the same type of thing going on with your muscle. So bunch of blood flow and nutrients flows to that area and it becomes tender to the touch. The difference would be tissue damage vs just being tender to the touch. Pain from an injury is different than pain from soreness. So when someone comes in and says “Ahh..pain in my back” and they tell me “Oh I had serious back pain” and then they come in the next day or two days later and it is gone, that is not really pain or an injury. Injuries take longer to recover, that would be muscle soreness and muscle soreness occurs many times because people are sitting down all days, we have huge sedentary lifestyle. When you are sitting down all day, you are allowing atrophy to happen to these small muscles that supports the spine and when you go on weekends and start moving let’s say you do gardening or play basketball and all that, and you put a lot stress on your lower back. Again, there is a combination of muscle soreness and creating a little bit of micro trauma which can eventually lead to an injury so if you’ve very weak muscles and you are moving improperly, you can create micro trauma that is eventually going to lead into a big injury. But for the most part, it is just muscle soreness and small muscles that supports the spine are just being used not frequently enough but is creating muscle soreness. So that would be the difference between Back Soreness vs Back Pain.

If your pain is relieved in a few days, then you can be assured that it is most likely just muscle soreness. You might have some small micro trauma but you want to prevent that soreness from coming back and that is by creating a strong back, a strong core and also creating more mobility in the hips and other things that are connected with the spine. Whenever anybody has an issue with their back, it’s never just the back itself that is causing a problem.

So if you are interested in strengthening your back and preventing pain or preventing micro trauma in the future and making sure you are moving properly, what you can do is go ahead click the link below and check out our Back Pain Relief4life program and the people that had sore back or injuries at their back that were severe to mild and were relieved quickly just by doing the program.

Again this is Ian Hart with and I hope you enjoy!

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