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Hey! What's going on? It's Ian Hart here, back pain relief expert, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Co-Creator of Back Pain Relief4Life.

So today I am going to speak to you about posture and back pain. There is numerous different things I can speak about, but today I am going to speak about something in particular which has to do with the diaphragm. The diaphragm supported by intercostals in the ab muscles. When these muscles are weak, it can actually lead to shorter breaths and less oxygen uptake in the body. When you have these strengthened, then you are going to get more oxygen to the body and that is one benefit. But the other side of it is if they are weak, it's going to change your posture and then that is going to cause back pain or can lead to back pain; and I am going to explain a little bit later about what we see with the typical client with back pain many times. So just in general, better posture is going to lead to a better body function, correct muscular imbalances or take away muscular imbalances. So you are just going to feel better in general, but you are also going to breathe better.  

What we say a lot of times is people coming in their ribs are raised up because they have no integrity here, no core strength, their intercostals are weak, so nothing is pulling that down into this better posture, better position. As soon as the ribs are raised, instantly I feel more stress on my lower back. As soon as I drop my ribs and tighten my abs, stress is taken right off the back. So you can imagine if someone’s sitting down all day and their abs and intercostals are weak and those muscles over years become weaker and weaker and weaker and the ribs become more and more raised, more and more stresses on the lower back, the low muscles become weaker these is how the body posture changes over years and creates back pain.

So what we want to do is strengthen the intercostals and the abs together, which will again like I said get more oxygen to the body so you raises your VO2 Max. Oxygen is essential for living life, feeling better having more energy. So when you are breathing short, it is going to get less oxygen to your body; less oxygen to your pain area – which will prevent recovery, if you're trying to heal from something or you are trying to get rid of back pain, you need more oxygen in the body.  So better posture for better breathing especially when it deals with the diaphragm, increasing strength in the intercostals and the abs, better body function, you will have faster recovery and less stress on the spine.

So there are a few exercises that you can do for increasing strength in the intercostals and the abs. We are going to put that in a later video and actually I might post that link below this video. If you have back pain right now and you find that your ribs are raised, and you might be able to tell that your intercostals and abs are weak, what I would recommend is clicking the link below for Back Pain Relief4Life and see if that program would work for you and help you get rid of back pain and also, lower the ribs, increase core strength, get more oxygen and blood flow to your spine and just make you feel better overall and in general. So this is Ian Hart with Back Pain Relief4Life, if you have any comments or questions go ahead and leave it below and go ahead and click that link right now.


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