Beaufort Personal Trainer: Thoracic Mobility

Hey EF Fam,

I find that almost everyone can benefit from increasing their thoracic mobility (The area in the middle of your back).

Thoracic Mobility


So… I created a video for you.

You can do this pretty much anywhere. If you don’t have any of the equipment handy, you can do the exercises that do not require any equipment and still get amazing results.

The body works as a connective chain and we should see:

  • Thoracic Mobility
  • Lumbar Stability
  • and Hip Mobility

But what we tend to see is the inversion of that which is:

  • Thoracic Stability
  • Lumbar Mobility
  • and Hip Stability

creating a formula which can lead to:

  • lower back pain
  • bad posture
  • neck pain
  • shoulder problems etc.

We already have an internationally successful formula to help stabilize your lower back and mobilize the hips called Back Pain Relief4Life sold in over 62 countries and has helped tens of thousands…

But thoracic mobility is a missing link to even greater results. So, for that reason, I created the THORACIC MOBILITY PROGRAM


Committed to your success,


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