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“…Before You Go Visit Your Chiropractor Or Physical Therapy And Spend A Lot Of Money Like I Did, Try 30 Minutes With Ian, It Is Worth It.”

Published on August 21, 2015 By ihart

Another Raw and Uncut review of the Back Pain Relief4Life Program.

"[Kim, What was your life like before Relief4Life? What was your pain like?]

Before Relief4Life, I had excruciating pain in my lower back L3, L4; and stiffness, super sore; hard to bend over so I went to the doctor. He gave me some muscle relaxers and some arthritis medicine and told me to call him back if I needed to get CT Scanned and go to physical therapy. I called Ian, he said don't take the meds, come in! Thirty minutes (30 minutes) later the pain is gone after the back relief and every morning I'm doing my exercises my back is loose and the pain is gone.

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“…Nothing Had The Immediate Effect That This One Has.”

Published on August 27, 2014 By ihart


"My pain before Relief4Life was lower back pain which I got from an injury in a car accident I was in about 30 years ago and I had tendency to hunch a lot and because of that you know I had this lower back pain If I stood or sat too long. So after I started Relief4Life program for my back I noticed that I played 18 holes and I wouldn't be aware that I had any back injury problems because I didn’t and just you know, the program works so well that I could play a full 18 holes without any back pain whatsoever. I noticed that when I was driving in a car and sometimes I drive to Charleston which is an hour and a half. I just noticed that automatically my back was straight and my shoulders were back without even thinking about it and I noticed this throughout a day after using the program for a while. I just feel a lot better I mean when you're walking around and your shoulders are back and your posture is good, I think overall you just feel better about yourself and people look at you differently too I'm sure. I use to swim a lot, I was an avid swimmer for about 20-30 years so that is certainly helped. I’ve also done all various kinds of yoga and that helped and also like core exercises like planks and things like that and that also helped but nothing had the immediate effect that this one has. And the other great thing about this is you can do it anywhere, I've done in hotel rooms, I've done 10-minute workouts, I’ve done 20-minute workouts, I've done the full workout which is probably 30-40 minutes so there's a lot of flexibility in being able to implement and on a continuous basis use the program.

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“Relief4Life…A Thousand Percent Better”

Published on August 15, 2014 By ihart

"Before Relief4Life, my back I was always aware of it, I always had a twinge and I was very sensitive about doing any kind of movement that I thought might you know hurt my back so I was very very protective of it and of course it limited what I could do. I like to golf and kayak and were very afraid of doing both of those things until I completed the program. 

Well after Relief4Life for the last week, I've really had only one occasion where I was even remotely aware of my back and just slight twinge it's much much better. I mean a thousand percent better.  I was skeptical about Relief4Life because I've been doing yoga for quite a while and I always felt that would be the best thing for my back increasing my flexibility even my strength so I finally came to the conclusion that maybe I was doing something in yoga that was not helping me and my back's not getting better so I was a little skeptical that just exercises alone could make that much of a difference.
Yes I would definitely recommend to give it a try. Maybe it's just 4 weeks of exercises that I also did in my own home and I think it worked in a short period of time."

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The Relief4Life Cubicle Cure 2

Published on August 8, 2014 By ihart

Hey! What's going on? It's Ian Hart here and welcome to the cubicle cure. So this is for you if you're sitting down all day and start feeling your back ache, the Back Pain Relief program, the main program is going to be your best bet but if you can't leave your seat and you are at work this is your second best option. 
Alright so a few things before we get to the 8 exercises that you're going to do seated in your chair. Some of are actually going to stand for but the important things is that you're going to warm up before. You need to get your blood flowing, you need to get blood into the muscles so that stretching can help. So what I can recommend is that you go walk a flight of stairs for a few minutes, get your heart rate up a little bit, start to even feel your body loosen up that is going to be one of the best things before doing the cubicle cure. And also the next thing is before we do this, you have to understand pelvic tilting and pelvic tilting is having your pelvic displaced while you are sitting and this is very important as you go from here on out into the future because if you are sitting with a pose here your pelvic tilt meaning it is tilted backwards that means you are constantly putting stress on lower back. It's going to have pressure, it's going to reduce the amount of energy, blood flow, oxygen that goes to that area and you're going to end up with pain. Whereas if you have an anterior pelvic tilt, the spine is now in alignment and now there's not stressed on the discs and the lower back. So what we are going to do is going to help you take that stress off but at the same time, we want to be conscious of the pelvic tilts. So just right now while you're sitting, I just want you to tilt your pelvis back and forth so you get conscious of what the difference is. If you already have back pain, when you do the posterior pelvic tilt a lot of times people will feel more of an issue there. Sometimes, just doing this motion will help because you lacked this motion for maybe years. So, alright, that's the first thing.
Now, we're going to get into the 8 exercises of the Cubicle Cure and the first one is going to be the (1) Hip Flexor Stretch so while you're sitting on your chair this depends on how high the chair is, you might need to sit up or get off a little bit off your chair you're putting one leg back, one leg on the ground unable to actually keep my butt on the chair. If you can't do that, you can also just get off the chair really quick and now you're going to push your hip forward keeping your abs tight and you want to feel stretching your hip flexors for 8 seconds and then you're going to relax and then repeat 8 seconds and go a little bit further. Feel a little bit more of a stretch and then back up again we're going to do it one more time. Remember you're not putting stress downward, it's moving forward so don't put pressure downward and again 8 seconds holding and deep breathing. When you breathe, think about the oxygen going into the hips. So you're going to switch sides again pushing the hip forward, deep breathe in so breathing into the hip and then relax coming back again and again pushing forward holding for 8 seconds and breathing in again. Again, the pelvis should not be tilted backwards or forward, the abs should be tighten keeping it in a straight position. If you feel any pain on your knee, that means you're putting pressure downwards too much or into awkward position so just move your knee around. And relax. 
(2) Alright so now, we're going to sit up back in the chair, we're going to cross one leg over, the right leg over the left knee and we're going to pull your knee into your chest and then you're going to push it down. Remember I want you to just relax while your are doing this. If you feel tension or you're too anxious and uptight and you're trying to force these stretches, it's actually going to do the opposite of what you want. So just try to relax, focus on your breathing, this one were moving back and forth feel a good stretch so you just feel like you're kind of stretching your glutes while you pull up here and then pushing down and now let's do that a few more times, pull up. So right now we're getting synovial fluid activation in the hip. This helps bring blood flow and nutrients, now we're going to switch sides, so pulling up, pushing down, pulling up, pushing down and still breathing. We're going to do 3 more reps so we're loosen up the hips. The hips are directly connected with the back. So many times people have hip pain connected with back pain or the hips will hurt because of the back. There's a lot of muscles that cross both areas and they're all connected so we want to activate the hips.
(3) Alright now we're going to move on to the next one. It's going to be 8 reps on each side.You're going to pull the knee in to the chest and then extend. I have pretty flexible hamstrings so if you can't extend this far that's fine, just do what you can try to extend here but feel the hamstrings a little bit so extend and each time until it get up a little bit higher pull in and then extend. 2 more…okay. And now we're going to switch, so pull into the chest, extend. For those of you who have very tight hips, you might feel this one in your hip. If it's very tight you might feel the hip contract. That is okay just relax your leg and do less reps so we don't want to cause any knots and just go a little bit less intense, a little bit lighter until your hips starts to loosen up. Okay last one…alright.  
So now, this is an exercise that is also more of a mental thing that has to do with back pain. We're going to call this the Ab Activated. So this is the exercise number (4). What I want you to do is you're going to actually hit yourself into the stomach, this is biofeedback. When you hit yourself in the stomach it's going to  cause you to activate your abs. People who sit down all day start to lose their ab activation, they start to decrease the amount that they use the abs. So real quick, I want you to cough, so just… *coughs when you cough I want you to feel your abs. You will feel your abs activated, that is true ab activation. A lot of times people are told suck your stomach in or suck in tight, that is the opposite of what we actually want to do. So cough and feel your abs. Now you're going to do 10 reps, you're going to tighten the abs and then hit into the abs just lightly just to feel them so right now it's keeping your spine straight, our abs are tight and now we're also getting an ab workout so we're getting a back and ab workout. Okay let's do a few more. Okay, alright… So there you go Ab Activation.
Now we're going to do a (5) Clam. You're going to sit at the end of your chair and you're going to open, grab your knees here, you're going to open your legs, feel your glutes activate back here, feel the stretch in your inner thigh and then you're going to resist with your hands gently and then close. We are going to do 8 reps of that. That is one, open up and then close and each time you are pushing up a little bit further and still breathe. Feel a good stretch in the inner thigh, feel the glutes, you should feel the stretch in your hips too… and relax.
Okay so now we're going to move on with exercise number (6). This is the Standing Hip Flexors Stretch. So this time you're going to have to step up. Put your foot on your chair here and now you are going to bring your hips to the chair and back up again and then bring your hips to the chair and I want you to feel the stretch right in your hips and again we are going to do this 8 reps. Each time I go to a little bit further. So some of you who have a very tight might not be able to move to this point before you feel that's okay each time you are going to get better. Let's do 3 more and then we're going to switch sides. Now I'm feeling a good stretch deep… And now we're going to switch sides, same thing 8 reps. For those of you who haven't been working out, it's actually going to be a good leg exercise as well. Make sure when you do down, you keep in the weight on your heel and focus on feeling that stretch and just activating your legs is going to help your back as well. Remember you have vital nerves in the lower back that come down the legs…and relax. 
Alright, now we are going to do (7) Standing Hamstring. You're going to put your leg load depending on how tight your hamstrings are, you might go higher or lower, this is fine for me and this is where the pelvic tilt comes in. Right now we don't want our back rounded, we want to tilt the pelvis forward and just tilting the pelvis forward for me I feel tension on my hamstring. Just tilt the pelvis forward and now you're just going to lean forward we're going to hold it, breathe in, 8 seconds and then lean back and now we're going to repeat two more times. This time we're going to go a little further, very important that your pelvis stays tilted forward. Good… last time, 8 seconds… breathing out and pushing forward a little more, breathe in, push forward a little bit more. Again you see how my hamstring loosened up now. Same thing on the other side, deep breathe in forward, again forward…and relax. 2 more sets breathe in, keeping that pelvis tilted… and relax. One more set each time you should feel the stretching help so you should go further and further. And last one, alright so that's a good stretch right there.
Now we're going to move on to the exercise number (8) – the Chair Pull, the last one. You're going to sit in your chair, get a nice position you can grab on the sides or the front, you are pulling up remember the pelvic tilt you're keeping the back straight so you don't want to round the back, we don't want to arch it too much, the spine is in the alignment. We're going to pull up we're going to push our butt down and our heels down and activate the abs. Push the butt up, push the heels down and pull up and we're focusing on activating this small muscles on our lower back so think about it. We're going to hold it for 8 seconds, pushing and pulling and relax. Okay 2 more times, same thing push and pull, make sure the feet are wide apart and push the butt down, pull up tilt the head make sure the spine is in alignment and relax. Last one here we go on the 8th exercise Seated Chair Pull. Pull, still breathing, consistent breathing, focus on the muscles on the lower back and relax. Okay if you didn't feel the muscles in the lower back, that's okay sometimes it takes a while for you to connect your mind with those movements that's part of what we're doing here with the Cubicle Cure is reconnecting your body. If you've been sitting for years and you're causing that to reduce the energy and blood flow in your lower back, then this will help tremendously.
So this is Ian Hart with BackPainRelief4Life.com – the Cubicle Cure. I hope this helps. This is something that you could do every single day even twice a day if you wanted to. So this will get blood flow, nutrients and oxygen to your lower back if you have a job where you are sitting at your desk all day. Alright, I hope this helps I hope your back is feeling better and now I want you to believe that it's going to get better and you are going to get stronger. Alright, have a great day and will see you on the next side. 

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With in a few sessions of the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program her back pain was totally gone!

Published on August 7, 2014 By ihart

Sarah sought help for her back in numerous different avenues with little help for year. With in a few sessions of the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program her back pain was totally gone! 

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“I Just Wish I Had Discovered You In The 90s…”

Published on July 14, 2014 By ihart

Email from Mick

Mick Keeble Email “I Just Wish I Had Discovered You In The 90s…”

"Hi Ian,

I've been meaning to contact you to say that like everyone else on your site, the sequence of exercises seems to have worked wonders on my lower back!!

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“You probably won’t believe me if I tell you how quickly this worked for me…”

Published on June 9, 2014 By ihart

Check out Clara's Relief4Life program experience…


“My Golf Has Improved Considerably… My Swing Is Much Easier, I Can Get More Accuracy And More Distance…”

Published on May 14, 2014 By ihart

“Before Relief4Life, I had trouble standing to cook for any length of time, I could not walk more than a short distance without my back hurting and it just seemed like any type of bending, it made my back hurt worse. I've really only been doing it for a month and now I've walked 2 miles without any back pain, I can bend over and do household tasks without back pain and my golf has actually improved considerably. 
After Relief4Life my golf swing is much easier, I can get more accuracy and more distance and I don't tire as much on the golf course. I was afraid that it was just going to make my back hurt worse and it certainly hasn’t; it’s made it feel much better. I’d definitely recommend anyone to try this program because it certainly helped me. I would say to anyone that is skeptical, give it a try. You certainly don't have anything to lose, and it's made a big difference with mine and then it seems like it's made a big difference for a lot of people, so I would recommend it."

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Pain Free With Relief 4Life (Back Pain Relief)

Published on May 8, 2014 By ihart

“… it was a gradual process and I was able to work my body up to completing the entire program. I recommended it to probably 3 people already…”

"Before Relief4Life, my back pain was not… well my life was not fun. It got to the point where I became very sedentary and it was just hard to move around, do basic things getting through the day and especially getting out of the bed in the morning. It was very rough. I did physical therapy and very minimal results, that was not very successful for me. I had 2 back surgeries because I had nerve pain on the lower right side of my back and that helped to an the extent, but I still had problems.
After doing the Relief4Life program, it's much easier for me to get out of my bed in the morning. I don't have all the stiffness that I have before and I'm more mobile – I just get a lot better and I don't have as many, or hardly any aches and pains.  I heard it was kind of tough and I was afraid that I'd just get from into it but I was not. Instead, it was a gradual process and I was able to work my body up to completing the entire program. 
I recommended it to probably 3 people already who have back trouble  and I've told them to… call you, get in here and chat with you about because it’s helped me so much."

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“I went to the doctor… did 3 series of epidural injections… and I was on a lightweight pain killer, but none of it gave me any relief until I started the Relief4Life program… it’s a true miracle!”

Published on April 29, 2014 By ihart

"Before Relief4Life I would wake up practically every hour in pain. I could barely move when I get out of the bed and by the end of the day, I was just had to lay on the couch. I went to the doctor and we did 3 series of epidural injections over a period of 3 months and I was on a lightweight pain killer, but none of it gave me any relief until I started the Relief4Life program.

I was never skeptical about choosing the program, so many people recommended it. It's a small community and I've heard from so many people that said they could not even walk when they came in and they walked out of here in short amount of time with a 100% relief. I'm about 80% just after 4 sessions and I have a lot more energy. I'm really 80% out of pain and I feel like I got my life back. 
Oh I would recommend Relief4Life for everyone, and everybody needs to know about it because it's a true miracle!"

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