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“It truly is changing my life…”

Published on January 8, 2014 By ihart
"Before I started doing Back Pain Relief4Life, I could not bend over and pick anything up off the floor; I could not even stoop down and pick anything up off the floor without severe pain. I've been to all kinds of doctors and physical therapy and nothing had worked – I’d almost given up. I’ve always been very active and I came here and I trusted these guys and I started doing the Back Pain Relief4Life video and in just… I felt relief honestly in 4 weeks or 2 weeks but now it's been 6 or 7 weeks and it's been a transformation. I felt like completely a different person.
I am not the type of person who can fib about something. I am a very trusting person and so I could not stand here and say this if I wasn't being 100% honest with you. It truly is changing my life. We travelled yesterday, last couple days to Jacksonville and there is a program that you can download on iPad or iPhone that you can do this program while you travel and it's the first time I've done that since I started doing it in a hotel room and after I finished, I felt as always a hundred percent better and I even wanted to email EarthFIT office and tell them that I did my homework and how much better I felt and I felt better about myself.
I would recommend it 100% – just trust and try it. When I first tried it with one of the trainers here I was afraid and I told him I was afraid and because of the stretching I always been told that I shouldn't be bending that way that it would hurt my back so I had to trust somebody that knew more than I did. And I trusted him and I'm continuing to trust them and what I got from that was relief by trusting them and continuing to do what they're asking me to do."

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“My Husband is a Doctor” (lower back pain cures)

Published on August 17, 2013 By ihart

"My Husband is a Doctor" (lower back pain cures)

YouTube Preview Image "Hey! What's going on? It's Ian Hart here with Back Pain Relief4Life and Back Pain Relief Expert and today what I am going to explain or go over is an incident we had with somebody we were helping fix her back and she couldn't let go of the idea that somebody was able to help her back. She was resistant to the program, she was resistant to everything we explained to her even though we've been doing this for 10-15 years total and we've helped tons of people and actually everybody we helped out, there's a hundred percent success for everybody who sticks to the program.

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When to get an MRI Back Pain Relief (Lower Back Pain Cures)

Published on August 15, 2013 By ihart

YouTube Preview Image

"Hey! What's going on? It's Ian Hart here from backpainrelief4life.com, Back Pain Relief Expert and the reason I am creating this video is because I just did the Back Pain Program on somebody who's coming with severe pain. He was limping in, hobbling in, it referred down into his hip and up his back and into his lower back and he found relief when we did this program. So he started to feel better and I said to him "You know it would be best for you to continue doing this program" and he mentioned to me he would love to do it but he just spent a thousand dollars on an MRI last week and his budget is tight and he wishes he could do it but it's because of that thousand dollars he doesn't have in his budget. I tried to work with him, [but] the point is that he was suggested to have an MRI done and we see this all the time. That’s the first thing a lot of doctors tell their patients they suggest getting an MRI and I just want to make it clear so you don't waste your time and your money that MRI's are pretty much pointless, almost completely pointless unless you are definitely going to have surgery at which point they can see what it is that needs to be cut out or taken out of the back. With that said, back surgery should be the very very last thing and should really only be done if you are having some serious issues like loss of bladder control and numbness down the leg – complete numbness – so these are serious issues that might make surgery an option, bladder control would be definite. But that should be the very last thing and it's a very small small percentage of people with back pain that end up with that issue.
So an MRI is only going to send you on a wild goose chase. If you have back pain, there's typically a few answers that would be the cause of the back pain. A lot of people think it had to do with them falling with their back  or any issue. But I know that people have gotten several MRI's repeatedly and nothing happens, they'd just look at it, the doctors tell them we don't see anything, or they say "Oh you have a herniated disc" what can you do with that information? Nothing really… you just spent money and wasted time and energy getting it done when  you can actually figure out the solution. And the solution being: find out the muscles that are imbalanced, what's causing the issue, what's causing the herniated disc and then correcting that. So this way you can eliminate the back pain, you are working on the solution as opposed to going to a doctor who's going to tell you go here, get the MRI then possibly send you to a physical therapist who may or may not get you any relief at all. Well, a lot of times we do see people come from physical therapists after 3 months of therapy and nothing changes and then we worked with them in 1 or 2 sessions and their back pain is gone. Sometimes it takes 2 weeks but their back pain is relieved. 
And that's the power of the Back Pain Relief Program, which is why we have people coming to us from all over the place, traveling states and from a far because this is the true solution – it targets the root cause of the problem. So don't get an MRI unless you are severe, unless you have a bladder control issue, you're guaranteed you're going to have a surgery, numbness down the leg… Again, it's up to you, you can always have an MRI just for comfort and some people panic and feel like they need to have an MRI if it makes you feel more comfortable, then do it but it's not going to help the situation, it's not going to give you the solution. So this is Ian Hart with Back Pain Relief4life. I hope this saves you some time, money and energy. If you are suffering from back pain, go ahead and click the link below  for our Back Pain Relief4life Program and see if it's for you, if you think it's something that can help you eliminate your back pain right now which, it has done for many people, Go ahead and click that link and I hope we can help you eliminate your back pain."

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“My hope is very very high at this point with the results… I’m happier”

Published on July 26, 2013 By ihart

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"Before Relief4Life, my back pain was at times unbearable. I did not participate in a lot of activities – not because I didn’t want to, but – because I knew that it was either going to hurt afterwards or that I would not feel comfortable doing it – feeling insecure. And it led for very boring life for me and cause some would say you're not very much fun and that bothered me. 
For about the past 12 years, I have done epidurals with cortisone, I've had shots to the side of my hip, I've had multiple MRI's, I've had physical therapy that never really felt like it was doing enough. I've tried yoga, I've joined other gyms thinking that just weight loss could help. It got to the point where before I came here, I had met with a doctor and it was a possibility that if it did not continue after the shots that I received 6 months ago, if the pain continued, we would have to consider fusion of the bottom three discs; that they were saying were pretty much gone (deteriorated). So that's where I was before I came in here. You know, one last shot before not wanting to do surgery, because I knew that would make me more immobile than I was already.
Since doing Relief4Life for about the last 8 sessions, I've seen a tremendous difference – big and little. There are small things like just getting out of the car that I noticed the difference on how I stand up. There's a difference of when I get up in the morning and I get out of bed, I feel more refreshed and I've slept well. Whereas before I would toss and turn, I have to support myself with lots of pillows. Now I basically I just sleep on my back and I'm comfortable. I've noticed that I walk differently, I stand taller, I feel better and I think a lot that has to do with seeing such results in a short amount of time that it keeps me motivated to want to do more and to see better results. There are times when I do have a little pain here and there  but I know what to do as far as stretching or adjusting, how I'm standing at that moment and it's becoming more natural as opposed to having to really think about it. Whereas before I have no idea what to do at all. 
My hope is very very high at this point with the results that I've seen so far, I'm happier. My mood has changed, I think when I first came in here I was crying and now I'm smiling. I know that I've got a chance of turning this around. And I'm motivated by the other people that I see as well. I watch them when I'm doing my cardio and I’m thinking that’s going to be me and I'm on to healthier and more fit and better feeling."

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“I just finished your video… my back feels the best…”

Published on July 22, 2013 By ihart

We got this email after a guy tried http://www.backpainrelief4life.com/ for the first time… (See Below)

Screen Shot21 “I just finished your video… my back feels the best…”


"I am amazed!

My back has been hurting me for almost two months (hurt it playing golf). I have been to physio, seen my chiropractor, gone for massage therapy, and the only thing that worked were some heavy duty pain killers. I just finished your video, did the stretches, and an hour later – my back feels the best it has in weeks. Christian Henning suggested it.

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“I don’t have to take Ibuprofen at all and it’s just amazing – very freeing actually.”

Published on July 8, 2013 By ihart

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"Before Back Pain Relief4Life I had pain everyday. I had to take 800mg Ibuprofen once or twice a day just to get through the day and it was pretty severe."  

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…it’s definitely 100% effective.

Published on July 7, 2013 By ihart

"Before Relief4Life, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get out of my car that day. I was in pain; when I got home that day that afternoon, I did Relief4Life video and it was already better that day, but I did it two more times this weekend, that was Thursday so it took about 4 days and now I'm almost back to 100%. I was picking up weights incorrectly so I wasn't on keeping my back straight when I was lifting them up. So immediately I fell to my knees and had a sharp pain in my back and was unable to complete the training that day and I've never really had severe back pain like that before so it was an eye opening thing, so I was glad that I have the Relief4Life video because it definitely helped get back on track.

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Your brain or Your Back

Published on May 26, 2013 By ihart

“Hey! What's going on? It's Ian Hart here co creator of Back Pain Relief4Life and Back Pain Relief expert and today what I'm going to talk to you about Your Back vs. Your Brain. So it's no secret that obviously your brain is in control of your body. Everything comes from the brain. So when we have back pain, it's a manifestation of your body or of your brain and this is where there can be a little bit confusion that goes on so you might have try everything for your physical body but nothing is actually helped. And your brain can be the other spectrum or the other side of it that is causing the back pain and it can be a combination of both things.

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“…I could even touch my toes now. I haven’t been able to touch my toes in 20 years…”

Published on May 21, 2013 By ihart

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Back Pain Relief 4Life Testimonial Jim

"About 25 years ago, I was diagnosed with something called spinal stenosis which is actually arthritis  
in the back and I've done all kinds of steroidal injections; I've done all kinds of different exercises; I've been on all kinds anti-inflammatories over and number of years and in quite frankly they were just all stop gap measures and in one that gave me temporary relief but nothing in a long-term basis.  
I've been following the program for about 3 and a half months now and quite frankly I can get out of the bed in the morning better than I have in 30 years. I'm able to bent over and pick up the papers in the morning, which I wasn't able to do. I walk more upright, I'm not as stoved over like I have been in the past and quite frankly I credit it all the exercises in this program. I'm religious about it now – I do it at least once, if not twice a day and it's helped me considerably. 
I recommend it as a measure with anybody that has tried anything else and it hasn’t worked. Try this before surgery- and believe me there were enough surgeons that wanted me to go under the knife and do the things that I didn't want to, just because it's a spinal cord injury and I've heard all kinds of horrible things about that with the results you know it's a 50-50 shot and I've really been putting that off for years and years and I’m glad I did because now I feel a lot better, and I feel alot better now I've been doing the exercises. 
Well, I guess in the beginning, I was skeptical about just exercise because I've done so many exercises, so many different kinds of exercises that had been placed on me, that I've taken. You know, it may give you a little bit of relief, I've done all kinds of stretches, whatever it might be but these work better than anything else I've tried in the past. My back is a lot freer, I’m actually even to an extent running now, I haven't run in 15 to 20 years! The pounding on running isn't good for your back obviously any neurosurgeon will tell you that. And now I could even run couple of miles now and it doesn't bother me afterwards. So I'm up in my training more. I’d like to lose a lot more weight obviously and I've lost a little bit since I've been working out, but I need to lose a lot more and I think that may able to help my back even more. My knees feel good now, no sciatic pain down my leg which I had in the past, I could sit much more comfortably than I have in my past. But the biggest thing is I'm not just walking – and you know I'm 65 years old, but – I'm not walking like an 85 yrs old man or 90 yrs old man and unfortunately when I had the attacks of my back over and number of years, I would walk all stoved over and look much more than my age quite frankly.
My life after Relief4Life has been a lot different. Obviously I can do things that I haven’t in the past. You know I can play golf 3 or 4 times in a week, I can only play once or twice in the past and then my back would hurt me even after 3, 4 or 5 times, a relationship with exercise are concerned under Relief4Life, I felt much better – no pain and I wasn't all stoved over like I've mentioned before, looking like some decrepit, hundred year-old man or something like that and believe me in the morning that is exactly what I look like. I'd get out of bed and would take me 10 or 15 minutes before I could straighten up. Now I jump out of bed. I could jump outside and pick up the paper. I could do a lot more things than I have in the past – golf, running, more exercise than I haven't been able to go in the past in relationship to lifting weights and the things that could keep me strong as I age. 
Well I've had the back pain probably for almost 20-25 years. I played  rugby until I was 40 and 
that's when it really started in earnest and so that's 25 years ago and so I've had it for 25 years but in the last 3 months I've basically have no back pain whatsoever. So it's a lot different for me in life and it's great!
About how many sessions until I really started feeling better would probably about 4 or 5. I knew it take at least that much and that 4 or 5 sessions was really in the first week so you know 5, 6 days where I really started to feel different in relationship to where my posture is concerned and bending over and I could even touch my toes now. I haven't been able to touch my toes in 20 years and that has little something to do with my hamstrings also and some of the things I've been working out. But it was basically my back, my back restricted a lot that I did and now I don't have that restrictions anymore. 
As far as recommending Relief4Life? Definitely! I mean there's so many things that I've tried. I talked about steroid injections and I've probably went through with that about 6 or 8 of those in a number of different places that I lived with different doctors and some were excellent doctors and some these same doctors told me it was time for me to get operated on and it's something I really don't want to go under. You hear all kinds of things in relationship to spinal operations. It's not something that I wanted to undertaken and Relief4Life quite frankly has been able to put that off for me. So I feel very grateful that I tried this new set of exercises, stretching exercises and it's helped me out dramatically."

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“… I’ve done it, so I know how I feel, how I felt, and it’s pretty astounding what happened.”

Published on May 7, 2013 By ihart

Back Pain Relief4Life Testimonial Bill

"Now I hurt my back in 1998 and I have been dealing basically with back pain and stenosis and numbness and that sort of thing ever since. So, then I came to you and we’ve had what 8 sessions I guess now. And just like yesterday, I rode my bike down to the golf tournament in Hilton Head and it was about about 8 miles each way, walked around the golf course. I could not done that you know before, I did it then.

Well, I was skeptical because you know people try shots, they try a lot of different gizmos, or cures and I didn't want to go there. I just believed in what I read, and once I met Ian, then I was really pretty well convinced that this is what I wanted to do and I'm clearly glad I did it. 
I would definitely recommend Relief4Life, believe it or not I've done it, so I know how I feel, how I felt and it's pretty astounding what happened. If somebody is skeptical about what you are doing, or what we are doing here, I would just merely explain to them don't take my word for it. Go there, see what they can do, watch what they do, they give you a video that you can do at home so you're never really going to be away from it. So if they're skeptical I say "Hey, I know a lot of people who are when they have had problem. Just try it."

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